How COVID gave our agency the clarity we desperately needed

A key element of strategy is having the confidence to say no. No to certain activities. No to certain customers. No to certain offerings. 

Trying to be all things to all people is bad strategy. 

Unless you’re Amazon. But even Jeff Bezos started with books.  

It’s the kind of advice we give to our clients as often as they’ll listen. Yet in 2020, when COVID hit, we found ourselves tethered to an industry in trouble. All at once, our base of corporate travel clients were facing a complete drop off in business. And, as a result, we were seeing our own business decline. 

Next, we did exactly what you’re not supposed to do: We panicked. We flailed. We started grasping for anything that looked like a business opportunity and tried, in vain, to get away from business travel. It made us realize how little focus we had as an agency. 

After that, we did what we needed to do: We took a step back to figure out who we are, what we’re good at, and what kind of customers we want to collaborate with. 

We worked with some great people to figure that out, namely marketing coach Alex Waite and designer Chris Vogel. We added to our team — have you met Jay Adams? — to build out our expertise and skill set. We found better ways to deploy our existing team members — these days Bill Bond is a one-man RFP-winning machine. 

And we made a decision: We’re sticking with the B2B business travel industry. It’s what we know. It’s what we love. It’s where we make a difference for clients. 

To mark this commitment, we’re relaunching the Dots & Lines brand. It’s our way of honoring our brief history as an agency while acknowledging our future — one in which we continue to support B2B brands across the global business travel ecosystem with content creation, public relations, and social media strategy. 

You can check out our facelift at or on LinkedIn

If you want to make your own commitment to grow your business in the corporate travel industry, let’s talk.

— D&L President Katharine Farrell + D&L Managing Director Julie Sickel