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Public relations, social media and content services for the global business travel community.

We are experts in Global Business Travel

content creation

Content Creation

We Produce, publish & distribute

Social Media

Social Media

We connect you with your audience

Public Relations

Public Relations

We serve clients as ongoing partners

We go aN inch wide
& a mile deep

We’re not afraid to say it: We’re specialists in global business travel. Where other firms may play across many industries, we’ve put our focus where we know it can create the biggest impact for our clients. That means when you work with us, we go deep to understand your products, your people and your history to identify what makes you distinct in the market.

Reaching the
right audience
isn't easy

Whether you want to expand your media presence, launch a new product or grow your business, getting your message in front of the best people to achieve those goals is key.

Everyone is saying
The same thing

It's hard to stand out from the crowd when you sound just like your competitors. We've always got an ear to the ground to make sure when you speak to your audience, you're saying something different.

What makes you

At Dots & Lines, we'll work with you to understand what makes your business, product and people distinct from the rest of the market so you can reach the right audience with the right message.

Build meaningful

What's worse than getting in front of the right people and then losing momentum? Our team of PR and content marketing experts will help you develop stronger relationships with your audience that grow over time.

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